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Welcome to, the world's largest site for GKR karate information.

This site has kata footwork charts, information about how to perform techniques, games and quizzes for kids and adults, tips and essays, articles about the instructors in GKR, reviews of books, DVDs and martial arts movies, and lots more cool stuff. It also includes dedicated sections for senseis and regional managers.

GKR stands for Go Kan Ryu, which is Japanese for "hard complete school". GKR is a traditional style of Japanese karate formed in 1984 in Australia by fusing Keishinkan, and Goju Kai, both styles go back to the very birth of karate. Our founder and chief instructor is Kancho Robert Sullivan, and our assistant chief instructor is Shihan Stacey Karetsian.

GKR currently has over 50,000 regularly training students and thousands of classes across Australia, England, and New Zealand, with full-time centres in Wellington, Sydney, and Texas.

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Sen-te Technique that precedes

Attacking someone before they have even thrown their first technique, whilst the attack is just forming in their mind.

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That in Japan, the vassals of the lord or shogun were expected to commit suicide (seppuku) if the lord was slain? This practice later widened, so that the vassals would kill themselves even if the lord simply died peacefully, so that they could serve him in death. The practice was called Junshi.


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