11 things to love about GKR

1. It’s a very friendly club and welcoming to new members

2. Traditional karate means tried and tested responses to violence

3. Lots of opportunities for competition

4. Regular special events and seminars keep things interesting

5. Lots of classes in each area mean that you can train as many times a week as you like

6. Because we are so big we have lots of custom equipment like gis, DVDs, t-shirts, etc

7. Our club magazine is easily the best in the martial arts world, and even better than most commercial magazines

8. It’s great for fitness

9. Identical core syllabus in any dojo in the world means that students can train anywhere and feel comfortable

10. The club is constantly evolving in an effort to improve

11. A passion for basics practice means that you will develop mastery of the tools most likely to help you in a fight