Make your own karate cards - A tutorial by Victoria Waters

A few months ago, I had the wonderful surprise of receiving a hand-made congratulations card made by 14 year old Victoria and 10 year old Sam Waters. I was so impressed and delighted that I asked Victoria to share her card-making technique with you in a special tutorial.

You will need:
·        Tracing paper
·        Watercolour Pencils
·        A paintbrush
·        HB Pencil
·        Scissors
·        White foam
·        Plain (cream or white) card
·        Coloured card
·        Adhesive decorations
·        Glue
·        Sticky Fixers
·        Plenty of time

Cut the plain card to the appropriate size and fold in half carefully
Trace some Karate pictures onto tracing paper. You can get pictures out of books or magazines.
Turn the tracing paper over so the side you drew on is facing down, trace the outline lightly onto thin craft foam. Don't both tracing the fine details.
The outline should only show very lightly
Cut the shape out of the foam
Using the watercolours and a paintbrush, paint the colours and detail onto the cut out foam
Cut a coloured piece of card that will fit in the centre of the front of the plain card. It should be slightly larger than the foam cut out.
Stick the coloured card and foam cut out down securely
Add any desired decorations
You might like to add some ribbon too
Your card is now finished
You can use different colours for the main card
There are many different peel-off decorations available
By layering the foam, you can create 3D cards
You can also experiment with different construction techniques too
The only limit is your imagination, and the amount of work you are prepared to put into your cards!

Editor's note - I can vouch from personal experience that anyone lucky enough to receive a handmade card like one of these is guaranteed to be delighted by it unless they are a complete bah humbug!

Thanks very much to Victoria Waters for taking time out of her busy school and training schedule to write this tutorial.