Funny Videos

Here are some assorted funny video clips sent to me from around the world.

All files provided as Zips.

Jim Carey as
Bob Jackson: Karate Instructor
AVI - DIVX format - 18.5MB

Nunchaku Showoff
MPEG format - 1MB

This is the kind of macho doofus instructor that you don't want to train with! Here's a good reason not to show off without lots of practice first. If you do screw up, at least make sure that you end up with the video evidence afterwards!
Fight the Polish Way
WMV format - 1.7MB

Karate Bear
MPG format - 1.5MB

I doubt that this is really how Polish people fight, but if it is, it's a lot safer for the men!
He bearly touched him ref!
Cat Fight
MPEG format - 1.7MB

AVI MPG4 format - 1.26MB

Why sumo is better than karate...
An early draft of the Matrix maybe?
Karate Chimp
MPEG format - 3MB

Board Breaker
MPG format - 1.2MB

The real "monkey style"!
Drugs are bad, mmkay?
Bruce Lee vs Karate Kid
MPG format - 5.3MB

Pablo Francisco
MPG format - 2.4MB

Doesn't that count as an "illegal stimulant"?
Family discipline the Pablo way...
Buddha vs Shaolin
MPEG format - 9MB

Never trust a woman
MPG format - 918k

A tribute to Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
The Smith family line ends right.... now!