This is Louis. He's 10 years old, and he's grinning because he just got his first full belt. He worked hard for it, and now he knows that terrific feeling of achievement that comes with a reward well-earned! How often does your child get that feeling? How often do you?

Whether your child needs confidence, self-discipline, fitness, an answer for bullies, or you simply want a quiet hour, GKR can help. We're all trained, first-aid qualified, police checked, and we'll take great care of your kids, or you.

Louis and his proud instructor.
Photo used with parent's permission.

Give GKR a try. It's better for you than TV or computer games, and it's a more fun than a bucket of soapy frogs. Ribbet!

Full details on how to join are available here (this will open a link to the official site).