Saifa - Positions

meridians and acupressure points chart
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This poster , is a special free gift to GKR martial artists.

It shows the positions for kata Saifa

This version is designed for print at A4 size, and the text quality is poor any bigger than that. You can help fund this site and purchase a ready printed poster up to 78x52 inches from my store at Here's the link:

Be sure that when you print it, you use the "Fit to printable area" selection in the Page Scaling options.

If you require a much higher quality printable file, you can buy one from me for £10. Just paypal the money to

Usage limitations - Any GKR martial artist can print this poster for their own use and appreciation, or viewing by others. You MAY NOT resell, distribute for resale, upload to commercial poster printing sites, or in any way modify this poster, except with my explicit written consent. And I MEAN it.