Shimbun index

Over the years, Shimbun has carried some fantastic articles. Below is an index so that you can see some of the great stuff that has appeared. I gather GKR has plans to place many of the articles online, so this list may be even more use.

Sadly, the list is incomplete: do you have any of the missing issues? Do you want to sell any of them for a very reasonable price, or even donate them? If not can you scan the covers (300DPI, 24-bit colour) and send a list of the contents and authors please. If you can help, please mail

Shimbun has taken a massive leap in content quality since being taken over by Sensei Anthony Ryan, and the design and production exceeds most commercial magazines, and leaves all other martial arts publications in the dust thanks to the skills of Gary Karetsian.

Vol 7 no 1

Kancho's feature

Instructor profile: Tyrone Coates

Instructor profile: Andrew Ward

Karate kids

  • Aaron Parkes
  • Nicola Blagdon
  • Dean Saunders

Instructor profile: Michael Hruby

Frequently asked questions

Vol 7 no 2
Vol 7 no 3

Vol 8 no 1 Dec/Feb 2001
GKR's World Champions

Champion of Champions – Renee Joyce

Instructor profile: Sensei Eliot Kay

Tracie Rogers – UK’s youngest black belt

New Zealand instructor camp

WASO report

Meaning of Black belt
Kancho Robert Sullivan

Master of failure
Alex Pereda

Instructor profile: Anthony Ryan

Bunkai: Saifa

Vol 8 no 2 2001
Karate - A Way of Life

Karate - A way of life

The benefits of karate
Michael Hruby

Instructor profile: Sensei Robert Marshall

Let's do some kata

Karate: Healthy mind, body and spirit

Instructor profile: Sensei Paul O'Donnell

Budo: the martial way
Sensei Peter Devlin

Kime: The most important ingredient
Sensei Gavin Richardson

Karate families

  • The Moss family
  • The Harcourt family
  • The Hickman family
  • The Connors family

Muscles and massage

Kids club

  • Kelsie Wakeham
  • Hayden Lennox
  • Daniel and Jacob Francis
  • Lee Ritches
  • Chloe and Renee Williams
  • David Gulliver

Vol 8 no 3

Vol 9 no 1 2002
Nabil Fanous

Instructor profile: Sensei Jason Wright

Setting your sights: Kata and Kumite
Sensei Glen Strike

Martial Arts and the Western world

A way of life - 15 Amazing stories of inspiration

Bunkai: Sepai

Kick man - Sensei Nabil Fanous

Developing Dynamic Kicks
Sensei Nabil Fanous

Muscles and Massage Warm up - Are you at risk of injury?

Training tips The second wind

Vol 9 no 2 2002
The Origins of Go Kan Ryu Karate

Instructor profile: Sensei Gavin Samin

Home training

Don't let your past hold you back

Instructor profile: Sensei Joe Estrada

The origins of Go Kan Ryu karate

Kancho's story: Beating cancer the natural way

Goju: Is it just an oxymoron?

The power of the kiai
Sensei Michael Pazin

Improve your health and fitness
Rocco Oppedisano

Bunkai - Seiunchin

Kids club

  • Ashley Turner
  • Kelsey Harrison
  • Jamie Hooker
  • Stephanie Karagiannidis
  • Simone and Sophie Babur-Puplett
  • Stacey Hanaghan

Vol 9 no 3 2002

The origins of Go Kan Ryu part 2
Kancho Robert Sullivan

Lessons that have helped shape my life

Kosta Tszyu interview
Sensei Gavin Samin

Future stars of GKR

  • Delio Sanatore
  • Jessica Kang
  • Chloe Taylor
  • Natalie Hardy

Grading: I’m not worthy

Developing your style of kumite

Is fatigue controlling your life
Rocco Oppedisano

Bunkai: Kanku dai

Vol 10 no 1 2003
GKR Champions Strike Again!

Instructor profile: Sensei Alex Pereda

The karate triangle

An athlete's pride

Your beliefs will shape your future
Rob Colosanti

Instructor profile: Sensei Paul Baker

Defeating cancer - A guide to healthy living
Francisco Contreras MD

Increasing inner power
Steve Nobel

Take control of your life
Leanne Potroz

The make up of a champion - Self motivation
Sensei Peter Durrant

GKR's bid for the Champion of Champions

Are you drinking enough water?

Bunkai: Empi

Kids club

  • Nathan Freeman
  • Michaela King
  • Nathan and Ethan Ansell
  • Stacey Coulson
  • Shayne Taupo
  • Natasha Casey

Vol 10 no 2 2003
Special double issue
Postcards from Japan

8 tips to better kata
Sensei Robert Marshall

Lessons that have helped shape my life
Sensei Gavin Samin

Postcards from Japan
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Instructor profile: Sensei Antonie de Bruin

Blue belt blues
Sensei Jason Smith

Self defence

  • Defence against a rear choke
  • Defence against a front choke

Instructor profile: Sensei Peter Devlin

Bushido - The martial way
Sensei Peter Devlin

Are you using karate to fight depression?

The history of modern karate

Kids club

  • Denise Baldwin
  • Gemma Brown
  • Ronald Nicol
  • Brett Carter
  • Stephanie and Luke Powell
  • Darian Andersen-Browne

Bunkai - Taigyoku nidan

GKR 2003 World Cup Birmingham UK

World cup overview

Junior open female kata champion Skye McSweeney

Junior open female kumite champion Natalie Hardy

Junior open male kata and kumite champion Lachlan Carr

Open female kata champion Angela Uytingco

Open male kata champion Daniel Orange

Open female kumite champion Renee Joyce

Open male kumite champion Anthony Ryan

Vol 10 no 3

Vol 11 no 1 2004
20th Anniversary Special part 1

Timeline of GKR

The history of GKR

  • Iestyn Evans
  • Matthew Sullivan
  • Greg Warnest
  • Daniel Treganza
  • Craig Pearce
  • James Gray

Breath taking karate
Claudine Chicheportiche

Bodeez now
Randal Webb

Are your food cravings holding you back?
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Are you drinking enough water?

Instructor profile: Sensei Andrew Ward

Instructor profile: Sensei Mark Case

Lessons that have helped shape my life: Sensei Mark Case

With great power comes graet responsibility
Sensei Ralph Williams


Lessons of the butterfly
Sensei Anhony Ryan

Expert tips for perseverance
Joseph Galea

Teaching children to persevere

Built on strong foundations
Shihan Stacey Karetsian

Want improvement? No sweat
Erkan Saygili

Keeping a karate journal
Mark Lindo

Self defence workshop: Attack against a hair grab

Bunkai: Seiunchin

8 habits of highly successful martial artists
Sensei Andrew Cook

New study on the importance of exercise

How old do you feel? Delay the aging process

Vol 11 no 2 2004
20th Anniversary Special part 2

Timeline of GKR

The history of GKR

  • David North
  • Mick Wallis
  • Brian Smith
  • David Gugich
  • Peter Devlin
  • Mike Becwith
  • Sensei Gavin Samin
  • Sensei Jason Wright
  • Sensei Joe Estrada
  • Sensei Nabil Fanous
  • Sensei Robert Marshall

Does your current weight concern you?

Do you wake each morning in pain?

How to ice an injured muscle

Vis medicatrix naturae
Kirsty Tassell

Adequate sleep?

Martial arts for back pain

10 handy hints for a mid afternoon energy boost
Rober Nizic

Cutting the carbs can make you angry

Stretching - The truth on stretching

Common flexibility myths

Flour power

Making a difference though GKR

GKR raises over $15,000 for the Cancer Council

Breath taking karate
Claudine Chicheportiche

Lessons that have helped shape my life: Joe Estrada

The values of training with Go-Kan-Ryu
Kancho Robert Sullivan

Karate onwheels
Maria R. Palacios

Is karate improving your life?
Sensei Anhony Ryan

Complete your most difficlat tasks first
Brian Tracey

What it means to be a black belt
Jarrod Waite

Kancho Sullivan on the black belt grading

What every future black belt should know

Breaking down the barriers to black belt
Sensei Gavin Samin

Karate and the Greeks

Self defence workshop: A rear bear hug

Bunkai: Empi

Real life confrontations: Self defence beyond technique

Vol 11 no 3
20th Anniversary Special part 3

Timeline of GKR

The history of GKR

  • Sensei Andrew Ward
  • Sensei Bob McCracken
  • Sensei Tyrone Coates
  • Sensei Mark Case
  • Shihan Stacey Karetsian
  • Kancho Robert Sullivan

GKR flies its flag in the U.S.A.

  • Sensei Tyrone and Caroline Coates
  • Sensei Briony Nicholls
  • Sense Sam Seigers

Karate weight watchers
Kate Monroe

Excess doesn't always lead to success
Tony Croft

All I want is to be happy
Greg Devine

Prevention is ar better than cure

Are low carb diets safe for children?

GKR: The family club

  • The Pye family
  • The Deakin family
  • The O'Donnel family
  • The Donaldson family

Karate for everyone

  • Michelle Wass
  • Patricia C. Russo
  • Kristel Suess
  • Shane Taupo

The gi
Maria R. Palacios

The spot reduce theory

Lessons that have helped shape my life: Sensei Nabil Fanous

Motivate yourself into action
Brian Tracey

Making molehills out of mountains
Sensei Paul Bernthal

Take responsibility: A karate lesson for us all!
Kancho Robert Sullivan

What is karate-do?

Using modern technology to improve a modern art
Andrew Bonello

No pain no gai no brain

Manage your time wisely

You're good... for a girl
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Taking a stance on stances
Glenn Hutchinson

Self defence workshop: Defence against a headlock

Bunkai: Bassai Dai

Vol 12 no 1 2005
Best Of Edition

GKR celebrates its 20th anniversary

Muscles and massage
Frank Mammolti

Healthy mind, body and spirit:
Sensei Anthony Ryan

An athlete’s pride

Improve your health and fitness
Rocco Oppedisano

The dynamic duo – Interview with Kancho and Shihan

NAS champion of champions

Is fatigue controlling your life
Rocco Oppedisano

Are you drinking enough warter?

Are you using karate to fight depression
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Beating back pain
Brian Cohara

Are you at risk of injury?

Lessons that shaped my life
Shihan Stacey Karetsian

Karate – A modern philosophy
Sensei Gavin Samin

Budo – The martial way
Sensei Peter Devlin

The history of modern karate
Mark Bishop

Your beliefs will shape your future
Rob Collosanti

Martial arts and the western world

Home training
Sensei Gavin Samin

A way of life
Shihan Stacey Karetsian

Developing dynamic kicks
Sensei Nabil Fanous

Pass the datchi
Daniel Bell

The power of kiai
Sensei Michael Pazin

Grading: I’m not worthy
Jenifer Sinclaire

Improving your style of kumite
Bryce Malone

Bunkai: Taikyoku nidan

Bunkai: Saifa

Bunkai: Bassai dai

Bunkai: Seiunchin

Vol 12 No 2 2005
A Way of Life

GKR New Zealand goes full time

Experiencing GKR Karate Japan style
Sensei Paul Bernthal

Fuelling your karate
Heidi Downie

If you train to lose weight, try this

Instructor profile: Sensei: Grant West

Going the distance
Sensei Tyrone Coates

At risk of a strroke?

Cutting the carbs

A way of life

  • Shihan Stacey Karetsian
  • Scott Norup
  • Christina Mastrone
  • Theyan Collyer
  • Brenna Skeates

The definition of frustration
Graham Wakefield

Instructor profile: Sensei Bob McKracken

Lessons that have shaped my life: Sensei Bob McCracken

Dealing with discouragement
John Maxwell

The myth to stretching away the aches

You always reap what you sow
Kancho Robert Sullivan

The power of juice

Preparing for a major tournament
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Get off your butt to relieve back pain

Training for world class kata
Sensei Alex Pereda

Performing your best kata when it counts
Angela Uytingco

Developing world class kumite
Belinda McCracken

Sorthing through a world of diets

Do you think you do not have what it takes to win?
Think "Wilma"

But what if you don't get a good night's sleep?
Think "Kostya"

Sydney guide

Achieving maximum power
Sensei James Boardman

Achieving karate excellence
Mitchell Birch

Kumite: More than sport
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Technique tips: Cat stance

Putting the punch back into karate
Sensei Nabil Fanous

Karate on wheels
Maria R. Palacios

Don't stress over stree

Self deence workshop: Defence against a front kick and punch

Bunkai: Empi

Vol 12 no 3

Volume 13 No 1 2006
Complete World Cup WC3 Coverage

Unleash the power of foods
Tracey Wheatley

Beat coronary heart disease the Japanese way
Dr James Coleman

Reaching out and reaching in
Jeremy White

Don't like fish? Then flaxseed should be on your shopping list

Stir fry: Your veggies without losing vitamins

We have always known it but we fail to apply it
Dr Linda Hamlyn

The power of bananas

Should we be eating raw eggs?

The natural alternative

A weekend amongst champions: WCIII Sydney

Tips for eating Japanese

Kim Pierce:Way of life

Lessons that have helped shape my life
Sensei Peter Durrant

New years resolutions and the power of change

Instructor profile: Sensei Daniel Taylor

Instructor profile: Sensei Paul Hart

Kata no aradorubekarazzu - The power of kata
Sensei Paul Bernthal

Self defence within the law
Richard Manners

Most common mistakes to losing or getting fit

5 rules to karate success
Sensei James Gray

Grading Showing your best
Graham McKilwain

The great debate - which style is best?
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Self defence workshop: Defence against a round kick

Bunkai: Sepai

Technique tips: sumo stance

Volume 13 No 2 2006*
GKR's online community has arrived

Breath: The easiest and most potent health tool
Grant Forrester

Playing through arthritis
David Silver, M.D

Nutrition questions

Twelve steps to prevent a heart attack

Salad solutions

Take control of your metabolism
Renee Joyce

Detox kits - A breakthrough or medical rip off
David Braithwell

Instructor profile: Sensei Leo Lipinski
Shihan Stacey Karetsian

Procrastination a problem?
Antonie de Bruin

The do's of dieting

The don't's of dieting

To get ahead use your head
Harvey Mackay

Lessons that have shaped my life
Sensei Andrew Ward

Discerning the meaning of discipline
Karen Barker

Ask yourself, what is my kata aiming to instill in me?

The Tansley family

Enhance your stance and tips on hips
Sensei Jason Wright

Do martial artists get better with age?
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Fatigue - Is it all in the mind?

Kata secrets
Sensei Gavin Samin

Karate's hidden weapons
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Instructor profile: Sensei Craig Griffiths

Practice makes perfect: Training tips for kids

Self defence workshop: Bassai dai

Bunkai: Sepai

The power of the cheat day

Please note, this volume is incorrectly labelled as vol 14!

Vol 13 no 3 2006
GKR: The Family Club

GKR: The family club

Designing a family budget
Sensei Matthew Sullivan

The families of GKR

  • The Marriott family
  • The Tracey family
  • Ben Lowe
  • Bhavisha Patel
  • Michaela Bayliss
  • George Quintanilla

Practice makes perfect: Training tips for kids

  • Create your own obstacle course
  • Invent your own kata

Managing at home helps your children better manage at school
Robin Wright

Tips to get healthier kids

Is playground activity enough for a child?

It's simple. If you train regularly, you must eat healthy
Jacqueline Rudan

Develop karate that's smoking
Matt Hardwick

Supplements that work
Raymond McCord

Don't resist the benefits of resistance

The assault on salt

Getting more from life by getting more from your body
Sensei Peter Durrant

Martial arts and 'The way'
Rebecca Ball

Lessons that have helped shape my life
Sensei Paul Bernthal

The most essential ingredient
Sensei Jason Knight

A way of life: Donna Mackness

The basics of self defence
Sensei Anthony Ryan

What is focus? And how can it help us?
Thomas Spurway

Why kata is integral
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Why the same kata can appear different

The myth of strength
Malcolm Ball

Karate; Mind, body and spirit

Different methods of karate
Sensei James Boardman

Becoming a black belt
Sensei Jason Smith

Don't just stretch for kicks

Why aren't I losing weight faster?

Self defence workshop: Defence against a front kick

Bunkai: Kururunfa

How do you know if you're hooked on karate?

Volume 14 no 1 2007
Karate Jutsu vs Karate Do

Karate jutsu vs karate do

The families of GKR

  • The Williams family
  • The Lazar family

GKR kids

  • Tony Cavanagh
  • Isabel Marie Sierra
  • Stephanie Burfield
  • Ben Matthews

Pre-school children and ADHD
Dr Gavin Albert

Taking the bully by the horns

Practice makes perfect - Training tips for kids

  • Eyes closed kata
  • Number games

Healthy children grow to healthy adults
Maria Forbes

Raising empathetic children
John Greenleaf Whittier

Is binge eating impacting your life?
Tom Neville

When time eats away so can we
Dr Michael Bowe

Increase your fibre intake
Tricia Gibbens

Dealing with arthritis
James Boardman

Nothing ventured nothing ganied
Chris Lawrence

A way of life: Rebecca O'Donnell

Reigniting your motivation
Michael Phillps

Lessons that have shaped my life
Senseis Eliot and Angela Kay

Taking heed of the tiny things
Dominic Havilan

Emptying your cup
Sensei Anthony Ryan

The four styles of kumite
Sensei Jason Smith

The importance of self-awareness
Peter Sinclair

Sumo and horse-riding stances: Are they really so similar?
Sensei Anthony Ryan

The truth is in the eye of the beholder

Did you know: Historical karate trivia

Kiai: Is is little more than a traditional practice?
David Sommers

Mental knowledge vs physical knowledge

Kata: Our perception of perfection

WC4 visitor's guide to the UK

GKR UK turns 10
Sensei Jason Wright

Self defence workshop: Defence against a lapel grab

Bunkai: Seiunchin

Volume 14 no 2
Family of Champions
  • The Marchant/Davies family
  • The Boak family

GKR kids

  • Kimberley Mendoza
  • Kaiser Ahmed
  • Kristie Gargalis
  • Jacob Simpson

Difficult adults start as difficult children
Barbara Menzies

Hey kids, you bored? No such thing!

Don't drive your kids to asthma

Practice makes perfect - Training for kids

Sparring number games

Family of champions

WC4 Winners

  • John Odungo Junior male open kata champion
  • Saffron Hunapo Junior female open kata champion
  • Harvey Tan Junior male open kumite champion
  • Emma Barnes unior female open kumite champion
  • Lachlan Carr Male open kata and kumite champion
  • Hayley Carr Female open kata and kumite champion

Conquering stress
Raylene Flemming

People of the world, spice up your life

Massaging your aches and pains away
Brian Donovan

The 14 basic components of health
Sensei Craig Griffiths

Coping with and training through muscle soreness
James Adams

Beauty is skin deep

Lessons that hae helped shape my life
Shihan Stacey Karetsian

Bushido: Codes for improved living

If it tastes good it must be bad

A way of life: Alex James-Boak

Karate is character in action
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Kancho Robert Sullivan - Living My Dream

Karate's Ikken hisatsu: The one strike kill

Why does GKR not train in conditioning?

Bunkai doesn't reveal itself immediately

Martial arts trivia: Did you know? Okinawa

Uncoordinated: No such thing
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Playing the percentages: The good and the bad of it
Sensei Glenn Hutchison

The yins and yangs of kumite
Craig Holsman

Advanced kata terminology

Why does GKR not involve grappling?

It's hard work making things look easy
Steve Mottram

Self defence workshop: Defence against a side kick

Bunkai: Empi

Vol 14 no 3 2007
GKR: Bringing Families Together

GKR: Bringing families together
Shihan Stacey Karetsian

  • The Kristen family
  • The Bounkeua family
  • The DeMarino family
  • The West family
  • The Zeloumes family

Samantha and Benjamin Rowe

Thomas Jeacock

Rachel Jackson

Pece Naumovski

Childhood safety can be dangerous
Maggie O'Neil

Philosophies for parenting and relationships

Practice makes perfect: training tips for kids

GKR's 2007 Japan trip
Sensei Nik Jones

Pregnancy and karate
Jennifer Manners

Festive season or sneezy season?
Nancy Gorman

Financial health: It all starts with a dollar
Dennis Atkins

Steer clear of the 21st century
Jenny Gallagher

Children and nutrition
Claire Delaney

Lose weight with eggs

The pain of regret
Sensei Glenn Hutchison

Four keys to finding happiness

Kancho Robert Sullivan - Living my dream

Don't stress

Lessons that have helped shape my life
Sensei Andrew Cook

Are you chasing the right things?
Jason Aston

A way of life: Clint Mares

Life's not a chore
Sensei Luke Carruthers

Karate: hard core fighting technique or passive way of life?
Greg Devine

Women and martial arts: Breaking free and becoming empowered
Sensei Antyhony Ryan

Kata: If looks could kill
Brian Donovan

Understanding kata and its relationship to bunkai
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Advanced attacking terminology

Deciding in adavnce
Adrian Cowley

Martial arts trivia: Did you know? The Shaolin

Self defence workshop: Defence against a swinging/hook punch

Bunkai: Kata sanseryu

Develop winning tournament kata

Vol 15 no 1
UK's top 4

An active family is a happy family
Cheryl Bradley

UK's top 4

The families of GKR

  • The Shepherd family
  • The Sparke family

GKR juniors

  • Shannon Primmer
  • Tommy Harris
  • Caitlin Jackson
  • Brittany Parsons

Fat: It's not just a weight issue any more
Sue Syamsudin

Health guidelines for dummies

Is it healthier to go vegetarian?
Jacob Flannel

Why it's time to start taking multi-vitamins
Margaret Smart

Fitness myyths

Simple health tips to longevity

Karate codes: Life codes
Stacey Scully

Living my dream
Kancho Robert Sullivan

Lessons that have shaped my life
Sensei Glen Hutchinson

Are you sabotaging your own success?
Brian Donovan

Is it time to stand up?

A way of life: Vanessa Murby - Blind student

The search for happiness
Richard Corns

Even our bow prepares us for self-defence
Sensei Anthony Ryan

It's all about range
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Achieving ikken hisatsu: The one strike finish
Grant Sommers

What determines a great class?
Jim Doyle

Inspirational warrior women

Martial arts trivia

Defensive terminology

Self defence: Don't fear your fear
Adrian Day

Self-defence workshop: Self defence and traditionla karate

Bunkai: Kururunfa

Vol 15 no 2
2007 NAS Champions

2007 NAS champions

The families of GKR

  • The Longley Family
  • The Hubbert family

GKR juniors

  • Lauren Davies
  • Kinsley Costner
  • Noah Lockett-Turton
  • Taylor Stephens and Liam Devlin

The truth about diet drinks
Simon Carnegie

Take heed: flood warning

The R.I.C.E injury tip

How to conquer stress

Your hormones and your weight
Sue Syamsudin

Don't worry yourself to death
Julian Havilan

You are what you eat

Predicting the future
Kancho Sullivan

Bored with life?

Making lasting resolution

Who are you?
Dianne Eastman

Inner demons that hold you back
Sensei Kim Beatie

Lessons that have shaped my life
Sensei Peter Larsen

Martial arts trivia

Karate: Secret art to global phenomena

The magic of resistance training

Tournament karate: It's a mental edge
Sensei Slayde Martin-Simmonds

The four cups of the Zen master
Sensei John Wetherell

Advanced kumite terminolgy

The sure fire way to progress

Climbing back up the mountain
Sensei John Bighton

Self defence workshop: The many uses of the returning hand
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Bunkai: Kanku Dai

Core is where the power is

Vol 15 no 3
Vol 16 no1
25th Anniversary of GKR

Celebrating 25 years

Life : Play to win
Sensei Gavin Samin

Training mindset
Senseis Mark Case and Antonie de Bruin

Is it just puppy fat

The Clarke family

Back-to-Back: GKR all stars shine again

GKR Juniors

  • Mchael Callaghan
  • John Balwin and Celia Kelly
  • Lenny Cervantes and Joseph Deans
  • Zac Forster and Jordan Carruthers

Core is where the power is
Luke Britton

How to conquer cravings
Catherine Dunning

Superman's affirmation for weight loss
Dale Percival

The good and the bad on chocolate

Plate management equals weight management

Weight gain with injuries

Screening our screens

Living my dream
Kancho Robert Sullivan

Lessons that have helped shape my life
Sensei Luke Carruthers

A way of life
Rochelle Miller

The wise man

The greatest reality show

Is positive thinking a sham?
Katrina Gilmore

Robert Boncardo

How to change your life

Flexibility: It's more than kicks
Brian Donovan

Developing explosive speed
Mitch Wiseman

You cannot use a weapon you do not have
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Relax, tense
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Ashi sabaki - The thorn in your side
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Self defence workshop: Your weapons need not be resigned to your limbs

Bunkai: Taigyoku shodan

Vol 16 no2
25th Anniversary of GKR

Black belt: Some things never change

Brothers and sisters: Best friends or adversaries
Mark Ottens

Kids' tips 4 tournaments
Jarrod Knowles

Sitting in front of the computer can be gruelling on your body

The value of dining and driving

Career kids
Julia Gill

The butterfly and the cocoon

Family profile: The Anderson family

Karate is more than punching and kicking

Helpful homework hints

The faces of GKR

  • Crystal Miller
  • Peter and Mathew Macan
  • Kiara Nardone
  • Angelique Fenlon
  • Siddharth Sambaiah
  • Wesley Andrews
  • Kelly McGuinness
  • Ricky scalia
  • Kaitlyn Doan
  • Kate Monkley
  • Max Raglus

Families that play together stay together
Heather Noble

Breaking the negative cycle
Catherine Dunning

Stress is something to stress about
Daniel Lewis

The art of breathing
Sensei Peter Durrant

The corn farmer

Inspirational trivia

Simple lifestyle habits

Lessons that have shaped my life
Sensei Michael-James de Wyntre

A way of life: Carla Denholm

All or nothing

A way of life: Brenden Williamson and Gerard O'Dwyer

A way of life: Bradley Hardingham

The only way to lasting change
Bradley Mortimer

Which senior instructor are you most like?

The water bearer

It's a two-prong road to great karate
Sensei Anthony Ryan

Advanced tournament terminology

Developing explosive speed - part 2
Mitch Wiseman

Stances: The fundamental foundation
Sensei Kevin Trembath

One strike finish
Sensei Jason Wright

Karate nut to karate rut and karate rut to karate nut
Hayley Carr

Self-defence workshop: Against a side grab

Bunkai: Bassai Dai

Vol 16 no 3