Thoughts to help you get more out of your karate

Kumite Kata Self defence
The most effective combination ever How to teach yourself a kata Remove your combat inhibitor before you need to fight
Understanding the types of karate Learn to perform one kata well rather than three badly Self-defence - Prevention is better than cure
KISS when you fight Take the time to find the true meaning of kata Kiais - Your noisy ally
Plan your martial arts growth All karate is self defence
It's often better to counter than attack A magic phrase that might save your child’s life
Kumite is not like a box of chocolates Your first line of self-deFence
Relax to maximise your potential Gradings
Be hard to hit Gradings - Time matters
Weak opponents make great practice partners Black belt anticlimax
Spar with people who know you well It's better to be last than worst
Deciding when you’re ready to grade
Dealing with grading disappointment
Showing your integrity in tournament Have a tournament game plan Performing team kata
Don't leave tournament early Choosing a tournament kata Using the clock in tournament
Training Practical
Don't be a wishy-washy wash-out Groin protectors – Don't let them be your worst enemy Get rid of the colour tinge in your photos
Train like a winner to be a winner Help others to help yourself Take better karate photos and videos
Always remember the objective of any moves you do Adapt your karate to suit your body Taking care of your mitts and pads
You have to be your own doctor Training during exams and busy study periods Saving Special Signatures
Great basics makes great kata makes great kumite You're not getting worse, your knowledge is improving! Getting rid of those sweat stains
We're all Kancho's students Spoon-feeding is for babies and invalids Learn how to operate your video recorder
Expect to be treated as an individual Are you too busy being good to be great? Get the best from your gi
New year, new you Dabbler, Achiever, or master? A black belt looks great on your CV
Every discipline, affects every other discipline Get the words right Don't be a Facebook exhibitionist
It takes more than great kicking and punching to make a great martial artist The value of etiquette

How to help your child to fail at karate and everything else

Tips to help your child get the most from karate
Kokutsu dachi – It’s all about the back knee and your core
Mental Philosophy Other styles
Don't get annoyed at your poor memory Don't be a martial ass-ist The grass may seem greener but it's got more thorns in it!
Don't let your knowledge become a millstone GKR is bigger than any one person What style is the "Perfect martial art"?
There are many ways to skin a cat Judge your sensei by his students not his ability
Think for yourself to grow as a martial artist Respect is earned not demanded
Don't Let Your Friends Drag You Down The balance
Discover your source of motivation Be an explorer not a parrot
Use "Must do" to overcome "Can't do"

Parents - stop making excuses for your kids

Are you trapped in your pond?
Focus inwards not outwards
Where the mind leads, the body can follow
Go back to basics to overcome the doldrums