GKR Karate International has made available to students of all ages, the opportunity to test their skills on a competitive level. With this in mind, and given the considerable number of tournaments provided by GKR each year, it is essential that all Referees and Judges be of the highest standard.
The responsibility of the Referee and Judge is a very satisfying one. The one thing that GKR has always promoted among Referees, Judges and competitors alike, is that no matter what your personal feelings are at the time, you must always remain fair and approach each event with an impartial open mind. The spirit of competition and fair play, along with a professional approach to the job at hand, will make for a very happy and successful tournament.
The purpose of this manual is to provide the guidelines by which Judges and Referees for GKR Karate International tournaments can base their decisions.
In the interests of maintaining quality in our tournaments, as well ensuring fairness to competitors, Referee's will be categorised according to their grade and skill level in the art.
Whilst this manual will endeavour to cover all areas pertaining to the running of each event, there is no substitute for experience. The Judging and Referee seminar will provide the practical hands-on experience along with a more in depth explanation of the manual's key points.

Referee & judge levels
Competition Area
Powers & Duties
Chief Referee
Score keeper
Time keeper
Kumite time-keeping summary
Tournament Kata
Important points
Competitor's guide
Scoring kata
Tied scores
Scoring sheet
Score ranges
Tournament kumite
Starting, suspending & ending matches
Injuries & accidents
Dress requirements
Tournament terminology
Referee hand signals
New Rules
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