So you've just got a new referee qualification and you want to test out your new-found knowledge? Go read the ref's manual then try this level 1 referee's test. You ought to score at least 16 out of 20.

Students can try too - after all, you shoud understand the rules you're being judged by.

Parents, plenty of you are armchair critics, but do you really know what you're talking about? Put your money where your mouth is and give it a go!

Level 1 Quiz (file size 140k)

So, you've been reffing for a while, or you're a you're brown belt competitor. Give the level 2 quiz a pop.

Level 2 Quiz (file size 150k)

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Please note
These quizzes are just for fun, and do not represent any kind of official approval. However, I reckon that you should know these things if you are going to have any influence over the outcome of competitor's events... Almost all of the answers are taken directly from the official referee's manual, which you can find elsewhere in this section.