Tournament montage

Here's an exciting montage video that I made, featuring kata and kumite moments from lots of tournaments over the last five years.

Click here to download the video (35MB)

There's a lot of me in it, because it was often my camcorder, but you'll also see quite a number of people from the UK's Southern Zone, particularly from R16. None of the footage has been speeded up...

The footage was filmed by:

Mat Broomfield
Richard Hadley
Caroline Smith
Jason Smith
Ian Fraser

Although it is copyrighted, you can share it with anyone you like so long as you don't make any money from it.

System Requirements

The video is provided as a high-quality MPEG-2 file. Because I don't want you playing it directly from my server, I'm providing the file as a ZIP. Even if you have the means to play the file directly online, please do not. Instead, download it to your hard drive where you can replay it and enjoy them as often as you like.

To access the file, you'll either need Windows XP (which enables you to look inside ZIP files as standard), or a ZIP program such as WinZip, Powerdesk, Drag & Zip, or something similar. If you don't own a ZIP program, you can get WinZip here

You'll also need a program that can replay MPEG-2 files. Most DVD player programs can handle this, and I believe Windows Media Player can handle it too.

To use the video

Right click on one of the links below, then select "Save Target As" and specify where on your computer, you want to save the file. Once the file has been downloaded, look inside ZIP file and extract the video within. If you cannot play the video file simply by double-clicking on it, it almost certainly means that you need to install an MPEG-2 player program on your computer. For best viewing, maximise the video to fill your entire screen.

Playback problems

A number of you have reported problems replaying the video. Thanks to Andrew Metcalf who sent me this solution which seems to work.

Go to and download the SVCD codec which is an MPEG-2 decoder.

This allows Microsoft media player to read the video