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Can I make your life more pleasant?

No matter how experienced you are, sometimes a little help is nice. This section will offer practical advice on ways to make your region happier, more efficient, and more profitable.

I make no secret about the fact that I am not an RM, but read the first few items, and if you disagree, or see no value in my words, you've only wasted a few minutes. However, in my experience, one of the greatest problems many organisations suffer, is a lack of empathy and understanding about what is going on at the shop floor. Worse still, some companies do not believe that feedback from subordinates can have value. It has taken GKR a long to recognise that this is not the case.

The most successful companies (Microsoft, IBM, EA) all encourage (and even reward) ideas from below, because they know better than to get tunnel vision. As a sensei of 13 years, and friend to many managers, I am in the privileged position to understand something about your business and to be able to share feedback from the world of senseis and students that you may not have access to anymore.

Please take my comments as they are intended - as a sincere and open effort to make your lives easier and your business more effective, but most of all, to help raise the standards for all students of GKR.

Feel free to discretely share your ID and password with other Regional Managers.

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